Vaad Ha'Chinuch

Vaad Hachinuch

In recognition of the many challenges we currently face in order to maintain the ethos of Chabad Lubavitch throughout the school system, the Hanhallah (Foundation Body of Lubavitch UK) has appointed a Vaad Hachinuch (Education & Ethos Committee) whose task will be to maintain the ethos and ensure that the Chinuch our children will receive is Al Taharas Hakodesh. The Vaad will report directly to the Hanhallah.

The members of the Vaad are:

  • Rabbi ND Dubov (Chair)
  • Dayan LY Raskin
  • Rabbi SB Sudak
  • Rabbi M.Zavdi

The Vaad has already met with the Headteachers and also has representation on the proposed MAT.

If a parent has a Chinuch issue in the schools the correct protocol is first to contact the Headteacher who may subsequently refer the question to the Vaad.