Meet the Staff

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Miss C. Tescher

Ms L. James

Mrs J. Osdin

Miss M. Dial 

Year 1

Rabbi D. Karnowsky

Miss  A. Castella

Miss T. Ogun

Year 2

Rabbi D. Cohen

Mr T. Fragoso

Miss M.  Makici

Year 3

Rabbi A. Katz

Mrs T. Ogun

Mrs L. Guzman

Year 4

Rabbi M. Labkowski

Ms V. Funtong

Mr F. Caraiman

Year 5

Rabbi S.A Hackner

Mr M. Shelton

Mrs Shaw

Miss Tescher

Year 6

Rabbi S. Wineberg

Mr S. Isaacs

Mr A. Brown

Mrs C. Raskin-Hecht 






 Menahel:  Rabbi R. Atlas

Headteacher :  Mr S. Isaacs

SENDCo: Mrs J. Osdin

Adminsitrator : Mrs R. Poolat

Caretaker :  Mr F. Caraiman

Dinner Lady : Mrs Nezmi


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