Parent Council and Parent Teacher Association

A Parent Council has been formed with the endorsement of the headteacher, Mr. Leach and the Vaad HaChinuch.

The role of the Parent Council will be to relay messages from the parents to the person(s) most suited to deal with that specific issue, this is to ensure they are dealt with in a timely manner.
But it should be a justified written appeal in the form of write my research proposal, which fully describe the problem, namely:

  • why you consider it a problem;
  • how this problem affects you, your children, the school;
  • ways to solve this problem.

    We will then communicate the outcome back to the parents.

In addition, the Parent Council will form a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) whose goal will be to facilitate a partnership between the parents and school, we aim to benefit both the children and staff whether it be in form of extra special programmes/activities/fundraisers/staff appreciation etc.

We value every parent’s input, if you would like to be involved in the PTA programme organisation please contact one of the parent council.

The Parent Council looks forward to assisting parents on the above and working together to help create a positive working relationship between the parents and the school.


Members of the Parent Council