School Lunches



Lunchtime is an important part of the children’s all-round development. The school serves freshly-cooked, hot meals. Fresh fruit and vegetables are included in the menu, as part of healthy eating promoted by the school. All children should wash for Hamotzi (Bread) since washing and Benching are an important part of a child’s education.To get a good balanced menu, it is worth allocating the budget and drawing up a marketing plan. In order to save time, but get a high-quality marketing plan that will take into account all the details, individual features, you can contact the marketing plan writing service

Free school meals

All children in Reception Class and Years 1 & 2 are eligible for free schools meals. From Year 3 upwards, some children may be entitled to free school meals if their families meet the criteria. If you are in receipt of income support or family credit your child may be eligible for free school meals. It is important that you register for this benefit, even if your child prefers a packed lunch. Application forms are available at the school office.


Our healthy food policy states that children should bring only healthy snacks to school.

Research has shown that healthy snacks have direct health benefits for a child’s ability to learn as well as for their future health.


  •              Fresh fruit, vegetables & raisins
  •              Rice cakes, corn cakes, crackers, bread-sticks, croutons & מזונות bread rolls
  •              Plain biscuits and pretzels
  •              No crisps, corn chips, Bislli or similar packet nash
  •              No wafers, cream-filled biscuits or coated biscuits


  •              Water, pure fruit juice, diluted “squash” drinks
  •              No fizzy drinks


!              No peanuts, peanut-butter sandwiches, Bamba or peanut-filled pretzels.

!              No nuts or foods containing nuts

!              No glass bottles or cans

!              No flasks or foods that require reconstituting with hot water


How much snack should I send?

There are 2 snack times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Please provide two healthy snacks each day (children taking the coach may bring an additional snack to be kept in their bag). Some children may need reminding not to eat their entire snack in the morning!


Our school maintains a strict ‘no nuts’ policy, as some children have very severe allergies.  This includes peanuts as well as tree nuts (cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans, etc.)


Only food with a reliable hechsher can be sent to school.

Free School Meals

Applying for free school meals can save you hundreds of pounds a year.  Please read the information leaflet below to see if you are entitled to apply and how much money you could save.  If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals please complete the form below and post or take it to:

Pupil Benefits Team,

Hackney Learning Trust,

1 Reading Lane,

E8 1GQ

Telephone: 020 8820 7248

Free School Meals Application Form

Free School Meals Information Leaflet

Alternatively, you can now answer a few questions online at which will tell you if you may be eligible.

For more information please contact the Hackney Learning Trust.