A speaker from Streetwise was invited to the school to present a workshop on anti-bullying. The children learnt that bullying is an act of aggression, causing embarrassment, pain or discomfort to someone. Bullying is ongoing behaviour causing intentional hurt to a person or group by another person or group. It can take a number of forms; physical, verbal or making gestures. It is an abuse of power. It can be planned and organised. We discussed the importance of going to an adult to discuss if we feel bullied and never to just ignore it. The assembly concluded with the presenter showing us the damage on a victim of bullying. He scrunched a piece of paper and then smoothed it, out, but as much as he tried to remove the creases, they would not go away. This he said is the effect of bullying. It may be perceived as ‘fun’ but to victim it is a life changing negative experience.