ברוך הבא!



We are proud to have you at our portal! We trust that on our site you will gain a truly representative insight into the ambitions, achievements and vibrancy of Lubavitch Boys Primary School.

We are a constituent school of the Lubavitch Multi-Academy Trust and are firmly rooted in the ethos and tradition of Chabad Lubavitch - guided by the legacy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

We are aiming for the highest standards in Primary Torah Education fused with knowledge of Chabad Chassidus. We are committed to achieving high standards in teaching and learning of the National Curriculum and to also ensure that our boys develop literacy in  their emotions and expression. Positive behaviour and refinement of character are not merely prerequisites for successful learning, but qualities and achievements in their own right.

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הצלחה רבה


Rabbi R. Atlas